Oasis Hoot Virtual Sing Along

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These are all "raw" mixes. I will start editing so we get the best of each contributor ...
mix6 includes Paul Mitchell on banjo.. Thanks Paul.
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just because electric - glen.mp3
Have to Say I Love You in a Song - glen.mp3
Kansas City Key G-Glen .mp3
Pancho and Lefty - Glen.mp3 [open lyrics/music]
dinasaurs - owen.mp3
MyGirl Imagination Mashup - Glen.mp3 [open lyrics/music]
Wild Mountain Thyme-Eddy.mp3 [open lyrics/music]
all of me - glen.mp3
Blue Eyes Cryin in the Rain - glen.mp3
Jamaica Farewell - glen.mp3 [open lyrics/music]
a man and a woman - glen.mp3
Aint No Sunshine - glen.mp3
Ashokan Farewell-Bill .mp3 [open lyrics/music]
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