Oasis Hoot We Sing
This program will allow you to sing along with everyone. You can play the current song by the group
and add your voice and instrument for the next person to do the same.
Note you will want to play without earphones so the microphone records both the group and your voice together.

(Testing mode... Save not working.  Note: this will NOT work on phone or ipad)
How to use:
  1. Click [Record]
  2. Click [Play] (blue Audio Player)
  3. Sing along with the music
  4. Click [Stop]
  5. Click [Listen]
  6. Click [Save] or [Restart] to do it all again
  1. You might want to click [Play], listen to the music, then click [End] before recording.
  2. You can click Restart when you Stop recording to start the session from the top.
  3. This program will only work on a computer and best to use Chrome as your browser.
  4. You may be asked to allow the browser to use the recorder... say ok.

Audio Player